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September 23 2010

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September 11 2010

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DAF time tonight ! :')

September 09 2010


dear diary,

The way you make me feel is, like, smelling fresh cut of grass or being in the back of convertible under the stars. Or returning home from a long trip or just driving with no destination in the summer. It's like the feeling you get when you get an "A" on you report card and your parents tell you how proud they are. Or when you hear your family laugh together or a whooshing of a tunnel when you drive with the windows down. It's like when you're outside on a hot summer day and you have a cold glass of water or when you talk to an old friend after a month or two, yet the two are you are still as close as never. It's like the feeling you get when you hear your favorite childhood song on the radio for the first time in years, you turn it up and feel so alive. Or lying in bed and watching a snow storm, knowing you don't have to get up for hours and get just lay in the warmth of your comfortness for hours. It's like the way your stomach flip flops during your first true kiss, or how your body feels when you take off in an airplane for the first time. Or when you drive around in the front seat of a car that belongs to the boy you like, and even though you should feel scared beyond control because he's driving so fast and stupid, yet you feel so safe and alive. Yeah, that feeling. The way you make me feel, feels god to me.
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i really like you.

really, I do.
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Boys are like trees - they need 50 years to grow up
— Anonymus
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